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Riccardo Barbarossa| Druche Gelato

Taste of Sardinia

Druche Gelato is the first Sardinia-inspired range of gelato bases that combines wellness and innovation to take the typical flavors of our Island to your artisan showcase!

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About Me

From the Land of Centenarians, Authentic Recipes and Excellent Ingredients

A true ambassador of the Sardinian tradition abroad, Druche is dedicated to all gelato artisans looking to upgrade their product range with innovation and a touch of originality.

Made with excellent raw materials, Druche draws fully from its most typical flavors and recipes to celebrate one of the healthiest and most prestigious culinary cultures in the world.

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My Philosophy

Professional Gelato Bases Made According to Sardinian Tradition

Druche’s gelato bases, pastes and flavors are the result of a long research that aims to give added value to your artisan showcase.

Druche brings together fine pastry, refined ingredients and the ancient art of gelato making to create a rich and authentic taste experience.

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Your Benefits

More than Just an Gelato: a Real Taste of Sardinia

Thanks to Druche, Sardinia becomes the unique protagonist of a whole artisan gelato range inspired by its flavors and recipes.


High Quality Ingredients

Druche’s gelato bases are made with quality raw materials, selected and processed according to artisanal tradition.


A Unique Taste Experience

From myrtle to almond, from honey to goat ricotta: Druche is a real sensory journey through the most iconic flavors of Sardinia.


A Unique Taste Experience

Druche’s ingredients can also be used as a base for your frozen pastry.


Try It in Your Pastry Recipes

Druche’s ingredients can also be used as a base for your frozen pastry.

My Product Range

Gelato Bases and Flavoring Pastes to Free Your Creativity

Druche does not simply offer professional gelato bases and flavors, but a whole range of fine pastry specialities. Discover our award-winning recipes, or let them inspire and create your own!


Sheep ricotta, saffron and sun-ripened orange peel are combined to create a perfectly balanced cream with notes of these typical Sardinian freshly baked sweets.


The intense taste of fresh cheese and lemon peel mix with irresistible honey ripples in a cream inspired by one of the most iconic recipes of the Sardinian tradition.


Take your gelato showcase to the next level with this deliciously balanced sorbet made with true Sardinian pompia: the rarest and most exclusive fruit of our island, processed by local artisans according to traditional recipes handed down over time.

Sardinian Myrtle

An authentic symbol of Sardinia in the world, this myrtle berries sauce can be either used as a tasty topping on your artisan gelato, or as a fragrant, intense base for gelatos and sorbets!


Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts harmoniously blend in a fragrant and intense dough inspired by the original recipe of Sardinian papassino. Try it with a traditional variegation of sapa and raisin!


Almonds’ intensity and honey sauce’s sweetness meet and candy orange peels’ richness in this perfectly balanced dairy-free recipe made according to the traditional aranzada of Nuoro.


A perfectly balanced base made from a crunchy nougat cream and almonds, honey and egg white according to the original Sardinian recipe. Recommended also as a crispy variegation for your gelato!

Ricotta Ichnos Paste

Inspired by the Ichnos, the first inhabitants of Sardinia, this special paste made with authentic sheep ricotta is an ideal base for your gelatos and frozen desserts. Combine it with delicate honey-based sauces, enrich it with fresh oranges and pompia, or mix it with the distinctive character of myrtle sauce!

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